Saturday, February 08, 2014


February blue sky over Brighton Pier.

So much much wind.
We were so happy to grab some time under precious blue skies on Brighton Pier.

The West Pier - further damaged this week by the storms.

Deserted fun fair.

Brighton should be pink and peppermint flavour.

Welcome to The Haunted House.

A friend asked if I was maybe too big for this sort of thing.....
and of, course I was too big.
My bum would never fit into the driver's seat!

Looking east to the marina and Rottingdean.

I had never looked up before.......what a beautiful building for an amusement arcade.

That out of focus coin just needed a little push to drop over the edge.

Should have tried to get it.
The trying would have been fun.

On guard!

The walk out and back was just what we needed.
Thank goodness for those few precious hours of blue sky.