Friday, February 07, 2014


A happier day

There will be pictures - I'll post them on the blog in the morning.
It has actually been a good day, with blue skies  and fresh air.
This morning I sort of ordered Bill to do something useful and he changed the sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover on our bed.
I dusted, vacuumed downstairs and cleaned the kitchen floor.
We have been at the hospital again today.
Bill had his routine blood test (every 8 weeks) to monitor methotrexate which he takes for rheumatoid arthritis.
We then went to the Day Surgery ward to report to the nurse, Dagmar, about the the second ECG which Bill had this week.
She will now confirm with the GP all that I said and will phone me on Monday......maybe even with a date for the surgery.
And then we went to Brighton to walk on the pier.
We parked at the marina (free) and caught the bus into the centre of Brighton (free).
The walk was lovely and I encouraged Bill to play a bit.
He was happy.
We thought about having fish and chips on the pier.......but didn't want to pay the price in the Palm Cafe.
So we got the bus back to the marina and had fish and chips in The West Quay (Wetherspoons). Fridays is bargain day for fish and chips.
We had 2 good plates full and a refreshing J20 (apple and mango) each and the total cost was less than just one plate of fish of fish and chips on the pier.
Home then for a cuppa and a doze.
I have nothing planned yet for should be a stay at home day for sure with the forecast as it is.
But I do need to make sure Bill has things to do.