Sunday, February 09, 2014


The Rollercoaster

"Life is a roller coaster - just gotta ride it" sang Ronan Keating.
No, I don't think RK will become a guiding force behind my philosophy.......but that line does rather sum up how I am feeling about life today.
I can't say the last 2 days have been euphorically happy - but they were good days - as good as I can expect.
Today I felt like we had plunged down the slippery slope to awkwardness and me feeling anxious.
This afternoon was the last match in the West Sussex Under 15s sportshall athletics - a lively, noisy afternoon of competition. I enjoy it.
And I was pleased that Bill decided to come with me.
And then I regretted it!
He put on a good display of some of his AD behaviour.
Clapping loudly - not applause clapping, just loud echoey claps.
He clapped his thighs as he sat - loud and with great enthusiasm and a silly excited look on his face.
If I asked if could be a bit quieter to help me concentrate - he uttered his loud forced forced it makes him cough.
In quieter moments he enjoyed following the line markings for all the various games that can be played in a gymnasium.
And in between, he timed second place runners in the races......and he did it accurately.
There were only 3 timekeepers today - Gerry and I pretty well got it all covered.
I don't panic and can keep all the paperwork up to date. I can take lots of times - but in tight finishes, Gerry is more accurate than me at taking multiple times.
The meeting ran to time.
I am proud of myself- I did really handle things well.
And all the people I know well understand about Bill's condition.
So much better to be a blabbermouth and let everybody know what is going on than be tight lipped and alone.
It is good to know they are all with me.
Gerry - with a bit of a reputation for bluntness was very sweet about Bill's condition.
Sweet? Gerry? Don't tell him I said so!
Being the final match, it was time to award the shields.
Well done Horsham - your lads were supreme.
And our girls beat the Brighton girls into 2nd place.

I came home to work........I now have legal documents listed on EBay.
I described them this morning and did more research.
And on closer inspection I found that I do not have anything connected to the Keppels of royal family fame.
I have a document detailing the sale of land and houses owned by Leah Koppel - alongside the Old Kent Road in London. The document provides details of her tenants and their agreements with her.
Leah and I have things in common then - I would always go for a collection of houses on Old Kent Road, when playing Monopoly. Cheap and cheerful, me!
We had a delicious chicken casserole which had been cooking in the slow cooker all day - and there will be seconds tomorrow!

Tomorrow I can chill out at the shop - well, freeze most likely!
Bill can have as much time as he wants in bed.
I have a few medical and solicitor related things to deal with from the shop as well as  sort out my shelves and hopefully sell some things too.

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