Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Today should be stabbed in the back and buried without delay.
Weather - awful.
Bill's behaviour - worse than awful.
My reactions - very regrettable.
I broke fairly early in the day.
Again later at the dentist's......we sat in the waiting room he was poking me until it hurt. I said so and he laughed. I said he could touch me but not hurt me....then came the crude suggestions about where he could touch me!!!!!!!!
More tears.
Nobody else was waiting. But I feel fearful if that sort of language is going to pop out .
Feel depressed and wonder if I shall ever get the hang of coping.
Looking forward to Friday when the AD nurse is visiting us.
She can't give me my husband back....but maybe can  help me find some peace.
I am cold, fed up, tired, negative........tomorrow must be different.
But of course I know it won't be really......except maybe I can deal with things a bit better.