Thursday, February 13, 2014


Better times.

The sun shone! That makes things seem better - and things have been better.
Bill and I spent the morning at Marion's.
She is not long out of hospital for more surgery on her crohns disease and her stoma.
Everybody has something, it seems.
Marion and I talked and talked - yes, about health of course; but much more than that too.
There was, on her side table, a book which I own.
It had be left by a mututal friend of ours - another who had taught at the first school I ever taught at.
It is a book about the artist Eric Ravilious.
Marion could hardly believe that I had been in the farmhouse where Eric and his wife had stayed.
Wish I had known them - but sadly Eric died whilst working  as a war artist long before I ever knew of Furlongs Farm.
In my day Peggy Angus was the matriarchal artist that linked all the other visiting artists.
I wish I had known Peggy better.
But, and I may have said this before, I was actually more interested in the young farm hand  - dark and good looking - than any of the artists.
I could tell Marion about many of the places featured in Eric Ravilious's work and about life at our family camp on the side of The South Downs close to the farm.

That is "camp". Furlongs Farm building is just off the picture to the left hand side.
Mount Caburn in the distance.
I drove a tractor in the field below our camp.

Bill dozed quite  a lot, as we talked.

Marion lives close to Nymans and would have joined us for a walk if she hadn't been waiting for a phone call.

I will post my Nymans pictures in a separate posting. We enjoyed the walk - though Bill thought it was rather too cold.
And we enjoyed a cup of tea and cake afterwards.

This evening Bill has been annoying, with his noises and if I asked him not to kick the furniture he laughed and did it again.
But I kept smiling.
I thank all those on the AD forum on line who gave me love, support and advice yesterday - not that they will see this. The forum is meant to keep its members completely anonymous.