Saturday, February 15, 2014


Good morning Pickles.

"Good morning, Pickles" I greeted him this morning.
No, we haven't got another cat - though that is on the agenda,
I was playing with the words of Pick's Disease.
We then had a discussion about where the Picts came from!
This was quite clever of Bill and highlights that his frontal temporal lobe dementia (FTD) is not the one referred to as semantic dementia.
No, his form is very much of the behavioural kind.
And just now I can't get out of my head that he may be on the wrong medication.

There were letters this morning with hospital appointments.
Bill will have the 24 hour ECG test in 10 days time.
His echocardiogram will not be until April 4th - it needs the ultrasound equipment.
So, no hernia op for a while yet. Fortunately he is not having too much bother - it's not as bead as the one he had before; but that time he had to wait months and months for the operation.
He doesn't remember that.

And this afternoon we were at the hospital.
Bill's sister has not yet been allowed home.
And, of course, Frieda from next door is still in. She is confused about it all.

Then we went to la Rusta......I assumed for a small snack and a cup of tea. But no......Bill wanted eggs benedict. He had had a late cereal breakfast and a sandwich at lunch time and dinner was cooking at home.
He felt quite peeved when I told him he could only have one egg benedict, not two.
I had soup.
They love him in there.......they see him for a shortish time only!
Today, when he began banging the table I suggested he see just how quietly he could do it and that worked briefly.
When he went to pay, Alex let him choose a cookie to take home with him.
I think there might come a time when I leave Bill with Alex and Ana and then get on and do any town centre chores I have.

Dinner was yummy!
I had kangaroo meat cooking with vegetables and a beer sauce in the slow cooker.
I was a bit wary....would Bill like it? Would I like it?
Oh yes, we did!

I phoned Clare this evening, asking permission to stop the Aricept that Bill is on until we see the prescribing nurse on Thursday. She couldn't see that it would do any harm to stop for a few days.
I feel guilty - disobeying a doctor is not normal for me. But I am worried that it is affecting the Picks.
Good to have some family support.

Right, Bill went to bed much too early really. He has just come down and made us both a cup of tea and he can eat the cookie Alex gave him.
I will join him.

Up earlyish - off to Brighton boot sales.