Sunday, February 16, 2014


A few details of the day.

Two blog postings tonight.
This must be short....before all the photographs of Lewes.

I dragged Bill to Brighton.
He sat in the car whilst I went hunting at the marina car boot sale - interesting pickings.

Yes - that is an enamel bidet on the left.
The chrome and glass display stand will replace the 1950s one that was in the shop until yesterday.

We had breakfast in The West Quay......gosh it was warm in there this morning.

Then to Lewes - slowly.
It has been the Brighton Half Marathon today and I think that all the thousands of runners and their supporters were leaving town about the same time as us.
And then the A27 was down to one lane where water was gushing up out of the road - so slowly slowly along there.

I enjoyed a lovely walk in Lewes
And some sort of childhood dream has been fulfilled.......I have been in The Snow Drop Inn.
Details in the post after this one.

This evening, once Bill had gone to bed, I composed an email to the AD nurse.
I am sure I gave her the impression that I am coping well with Bill's problems.
But I am not really.
And I have even been dragged into thinking "Why he can't just have Alzheimer's Disease?"
Thinking those people are the lucky ones!!!
My understanding is that AD in the early stages leaves the one affected still able to make conversation and have dreams and wants and can plan ahead.
Bill can do nothing like that.
His conversation is very limited; he has all the annoying habits you have heard of and he pokes me, tweaks me and leans forward and stares at me.
He has nothing to say and no intererest in anything.
He doesn't care how he behaves in public.
He doesn't know that he is like it all the time.
This is all frontal temporal lobe dementia.
I feel angry that this dementia was dismissed by the doctor.
I am glad we see the prescribing nurse on Thursday......please, please may she have some answers.
I'll never get my husband back - but I really don't want the naughty, thoughtless 4 year old who has replaced him. And it has happened so quickly.
Last May we were in Thailand and yes, we all knew things were not right - but we did lots of things and had fun. Now, I am very unsure whether we could go together again.