Monday, February 17, 2014


Adult conversation and work.

That's my day of freedom for this week over and gone.
I have been a busy bunny today in the shop.
I could foresee problems sorting out my section as soon as I arrived.
On Saturday the shop had phone asking if I would take £40 for  the 1950s "whatnot". I agreed and expected not to see it this morning.
I saw it - obviously the customer changed their mind.
I spent a couple of hours this morning sorting things out.
In between times I was selling Moorcroft pottery items - to two separate. customers. Good, Moorcroft is obviously still in favour, if the price is right. I have a small vase to sell.
It is all ready to be listed on ebay. Maybe tomorrow.
I was working today with Nigel and we made a good team.
The Moorcroft items were good sales, as were some glasses later in the day.
Now, in my world cold drinks - water, wine, juice, beer etc is drunk from glasses which cost maybe 20p at a car boot sale.
Some people like to feel quality in their hands.
Not that the customer today will be drinking from these glasses - his plan is to sell them on. He paid much more than 20p for a glass!
Quality glasses need quality wrapping.
So by the end of the day we had a sales sheet which added up to almost £500.
So a good day and a busy day.
I realised today that there is a word that I can't abide........of course there are many more than one!!!
I loathe the word "designer" as used to describe supposedly superior items.
I bought some glass candlesticks today from somebody who came in; "They are designer candlesticks" the woman told me. But she couldn't remember who the designer was - so not a useful description anyway.
And it occurs to me that even the most tasteless crap has been designed by somebody. Nothing gets made without a plan or design. Some designers might have to work within specific restrictions of cost and a target market. Other designers might have complete freedom to develop their designs.
I labelled the very good quality candlesticks as "art glass".
They look  a bit like Terence Conran designs.....and if they are I have underpriced them considerable.
More research needed.
Back home I had about 3 hours with Bill before he toddled off to bed.
He has added a new performance to his repertoire......he likes imitating a monkey.
But the old routines are not forgotten!
And yet, whilst I was out he put the vacuum cleaner around the house.
I think it should be an early night for me.