Thursday, February 20, 2014


Curry and trim and running.

You may have already seen it - I posted something about our visit today to the prescribing nurse.
It is  just below this posting. My plan is to use the blog to highlight dementia experiences, maybe for the benefit of others if they find it on a search engine.
Bill and I have now joined another "tribe" and the dementia tribe people are very supportive of each other.
I feel very fortunate that we have this PN (prescribing nurse). She is mature and very experienced - and would seem to have more knowledge than the young Hungarian doctor. And she seems to have enough authority and wisdom to question the doctor about things that have been decided for Bill.
Wrong decisions have been made.
I cannot accuse the doctor of having any ulterior motive for slanting her interpretation of results as she did. I can suspect it however.
I feel more confident with the backing of Colleen.

So, back to a more normal blog posting.
After our appointment with Colleen we went to Horley - lunch at The Jack Fairman. Thursday is curry day and I relished my sweet potato, chick pea and spinach curry with all the trimmings and a glass of Guinness.
Bill dropped me off at our hairdresser's - I had decided, at last, that long straggly hair is not the best for me.
This caused me a touch of alarm.
You see, Rob, my hairdresser, soaked me when he was washing my hair. I phoned Bill and asked if he could come back and pick me up because I didn't want to walk home with clothes.  Rob did a pretty good job of drying them with the hair dryer. Anyway Bill didn't turn up.
I assumed he had fallen asleep.
But as I walked home I had visions of him getting in the car and driving off and then not remembering where I was. He could be aimlessly driving round the town! It was a with a little trepidation that I turned the corner to our house - would I see the car?
Phew! The car was in its normal place and Bill therefore was curled up on the bed asleep.

And this evening we have been to the Horsham Sports Centre for an evening of sprints.
It was a good evening.
I enjoyed being chief and I think Bill enjoyed being there.
It is not a noisy hectic meeting and Bill manages very well. His timekeeping is spot on.
And everybody cares a lot about him, which is lovely.

What a thought - the next time we all meet up again it will be for an outside meeting at the end of March.
May the rains have gone by then!
I hope Bill will feel able to cope with a longer day of timekeeping. We will have to see.