Saturday, February 22, 2014


February fun at Littlehampton.

It has been 4 weeks.......28 days without a trip to Ford and Littlehampton!
But today the sun shone.
Bill feels the chilly wind.......or maybe it is just one of his stock phrases; like "There are a lot of holes in the road" everyday within 2 minutes of starting a journey in the car. Often he says "There are lots of cars about" - but he couldn't really do that today, early on a Saturday morning.
I bought a few interesting bits to sell. This includes an early Lloyd Loom chair with an thick interior sprung cushion. It dates from the late 20's.
I know this because I bought THE book about Lloyd Loom from the same seller.
The seller commented that the chair might be a rare one.....then laughed "Oh I see you bought the book too"
If she had opened the book she might have discovered that it is indeed a rare one.
But the springs in the cushion are hard and lumpy now and it needs re-covering too.
Do I sell it tatty? It was only £10. I know that somebody else could make a much better job than me - and my days do seem to be rather full of Bill.
Then we went to Littlehampton." Everybody" was in The George. I was so pleased we got there to meet Harry and Brian - back from Malta for a short while for medical appointments. Brian gets no better, of course. Harry hopes that they can now return to Malta until May.
Then we went for a walk on the beach.

Bill poses for me on the curly sculptured part of the long, long beach side bench.

Some younger folk must have gone paddling.

We walked along the beach as far as the beach huts.

That's lovely! He looks like my Bill.
So often these days the camera catches a somewhat demented looking expression.

This is the East Cafe. The building has won awards for architecture. On the left hand side there is a huge picture window with views out to sea.

We got talking.
Dogs certainly are good for starting conversations.

This afternoon I enjoyed the Biathlon relay from the Winter Olympics. I opted for that instead of ice hockey.
I realised that I love sport where it involves man on man giving 100% of effort and skill, going beyond what they maybe thought was possible.
I love it whether it be the Olympic Games or the Under 15 sportshall competitions.
I have enjoyed the Winter Olympics.
There may be much in Russia that we might wish could be different. But there is no doubt that they have organised a good games and the spirit of competition has been strong and friendly and fair.

You will now find interspersed within Grandma P's regular blog postings, dementia diary postings.
This gives people far more choice of opting out of getting too involved with dementia, if that is there preference.
Hell, I wish I could opt out!