Monday, February 24, 2014


Normal business in the shop.

I have already added something to the dementia diary blog.
It's a good news day!
I enjoyed my day in the shop.
Steve and I chatted lots, which I enjoyed.
And I also worked hard. Many of my things had featured in a window display and that had been changed on Friday; so I had to absorb back on to my shelves quite a lot of kitchenalia stuff.
And I had the things that I had got written up yesterday to find space for.
I took in a box of books too.....£1 books.
Last week I came to the conclusion that just at the moment I haven't the energy or will to do ebay. Books that are stored in the garage in readiness for ebay might as well go.......and go quickly. Many are about places not in our area; hopefully at only £1 people might get tempted.
Steve was!
I also bought things today.
One of Bill's old customers brought me 21 old tins. They are all quite interesting - and some, if they had been in good condition would have been worth quite a lot of money (£30 -£40).
I will polish them and hope they can look just a little more appealing to tin collectors.
I sold well last week.....very glad that an amateur barge art painted milk churn has gone. I have had it for a year and it obviously took up quite a bit of space.
Sleepyhead must go to bed.