Monday, February 24, 2014


Diary: Bill and Grandma P's life with frontal temporal dementia FTD 24th Feb. 2014.

There are lot's of Bills out there!
I shouldn't be happy about that - because it means that there are lots of people, like me, going through confusion, frustration, fear and downright anger.
Poor them.
I received a most useful pack of information from the FTD society today.
It does leave me wondering how Dr C, the consultant psychologist who interpreted Bill's MRI scan, could possibly have not followed through on an FTD diagnosis.
Ah well - I know and the prescribing nurse knows.
The medical facts are there in black and white, along with people's accounts of living with this form of dementia.
I almost chuckled as I read of other people's husbands behaving just like Bill.
I have a booklet to take to the GP when Bill goes. This is quite a rare form of dementia and many GP's may not have had much experience of it.
Today has been a day when I leave Bill on his own at home.
Sometimes he is so pleased to see me when I get back that it seems to set off his compulsive behavior.
This evening has felt good. He has been nice.
Quite a relaxed stress free time.
During the day Bill hung up the washing for me and filled up containers for the birds - peanuts, seeds and fat balls.
After dinner he trotted off to wash up as usual.
Right now, he has to deal with other issues.
His hernia has been hurting a lot this evening. He is waiting for a hernia repair.
But first he must wait for his heart condition, probably mild, to be analysed and if need be, sorted. The anaesthetist wouldn't administer anaesthetic whilst there could be risk.
He has atrial fibrilation - irregular heart beat.
Tomorrow he will be fitted with a 24 hour monitor.