Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I don't like Wednesdays!

Wednesday - my day for feeling low.
And feeling low increases irritation and I have been in danger of snapping.
Glad Bill has gone upstairs for a very early night.
We were up quite early.
Bill decided to get up and come to the hospital to return the ECG monitor.
I handed in my wee sample and then went for blood testing.
Hell - it was packed!
We normally go just after lunch for blood tests - never more than 3 in front of us.
I took a ticket and there were 25 before me.
We went to the hospital cafeteria to wait. Much more pleasant than in the crowded bloods waiting room. It was nice to sit and lounge for a while.
I have to say that I would very much appreciate it if chef, James Martin could come to Crawley and sorted out the cafeteria.
Bloods done, we went home.
This afternoon we went to see cousin Ann for a couple of hours.
Bill put on a good performance for her!
When we left she uttered words of sympathy to me.
I bet she was actually a bit upset seeing her young cousin being so silly and childlike.