Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Remembering today.

Bill is now wired up.
We went to the hospital this morning for the 24 hour heart monitor to be fitted to his body.
The nurse asked if he ever felt any palpitations, breathlessness, dizziness or pain. Bill couldn't think that he did. The nurse was surprised that he had not noticed anything - she noticed straight away that there was irregularity.
Sorry Bill......no sense, no feeling!
From Bill's problems to his sister's problems.  We went to see her and  her man, enjoyed a cup of tea and a catch up. Jane is out of hospital now and hopefully will not need to return. She can walk with the aid of crutches.
I have a leg/ankle problem too - not serious.
My right ankle is rolling in and swells up as the day proceeds.
There is a weakness in the ankle after a lifetime of twisting it as I walked or ran (running was in the old days). I think I twisted it again quite recently on a very slightly raised paving stone......raised by a centimetre maybe.
I just looked it up on the internet and there was hardly a medical comment - just people who sell sports shoes having their say.
We had a little bit of shopping to do. I wanted plastic envelopes for a loose leaf file to keep all the paperwork connected with Bill's health together.
Then to a Rusta......just a little snack.
But somehow we persuaded each other that it would be nice to share a slice of cake too.

This is "bumpy lumpy cake"
It was Alex's choice of name because he opted for a lumpy bumpy top.
He was just a bit concerned that if it was smoothed and perfect people might assume it had come from a factory.
Food in la Rusta just does not come from a factory - ever. Alex cooks it all.
I think you can imagine the temptation!
It was fabulous.
We drove home via Southgate shops to post a parcel to Clare. I popped round to see Rob the hairdresser to discuss my friend's opinion that my hair style would benefit from being a little softer.
He agreed to a quick make over - though he said he liked it as it was.
It didn't take long.

Bill's memory this evening is very poor.
He suddenly asked what we had we had done today.
I told him we had been to the hospital, but he didn't know which hospital. I don't know how many times I have had to tell him that the monitor must be returned to the hospital in the morning. I could take it off and return it in a provided bag. I am not sure that Bill understands that I was encouraged to do this.
In la Rusta.....we nearly paid twice.
We had gone in and ordered and I rushed to the loo.
When it was time to go Alex asked for money for the cake; I reminded him that we hadn't paid for the other things.
"Yes you did" he replied.
"No, no" I said.
Bill had no memory of paying for things at the time of order. And of course I wasn't there at that moment.
It was so noticeable this evening that he has very little idea about cameras now. He can point and shoot, when I ask for a picture of me - and I set the camera ready first.
He was aware at one point that maybe he should adjust something - but his brain was unable to tell his hands what to do; presumably his brain didn't know what to do.
Well, one or both of us must return the monitor to the hospital at nine in the morning.
Need some sleep.