Saturday, March 01, 2014



Sometimes it seemed quiet today in the shop.
"People are probably using a bright day to sort out their gardens" we surmised.
But looking at the sales sheet, it was as good as any other Saturday.
The weather was bright and it has been the first day of Spring.......that's the Met Office way of thinking. In the old days we were told that  Spring begins on March 21st; but somehow that system makes a mockery of what is actually happening to the weather and nature.
It was bright - but not a lot warmer.......was it warmer at all?
I didn't think so.
But when I popped out to Dorking High Street I saw that some folks thought non winter clothing was suitable. I would not have wanted to be out with bare arms today, like some hardy souls - otherwise known as idiots!
I left Bill at home for the day.
I left him with a list of small chores.
He did the washing up as usual.
I just told him to take laundry out of the machine and hang it up. Bless him, he used his brain; he hung it outdoors and then later brought it in to dry off on the clothes horse.
He put the vacuum cleaner round and apologised that he hadn't washed the kitchen floor.
He walked to our local small shop for milk......only about a quarter of a mile. But it must have felt good to him to go out on his own.
I arrived home to a cheerful Bill......and a peaceful Bill. Well, OK,  there was some clapping and banging and silly laughs. But I coped and Bill was much more considerate towards me.
So there's my answer to dementia......leave him alone with a things to do list.