Friday, February 28, 2014


Eating, talking, shopping, visiting, and the rubbish.

Needed shopping today. I opted for Aldi, in East Grinstead.
Their non bio washing liquid is the best......even the Which Best Buy.
Since using the Asda non bio liquid for laundry I have had some issues in a sensitive area; could be coincidence of course. I will monitor it.
 After our early morning that early, woman? It was about half past eight when I went down to make it................I instructed Bill to get up. "We're off to East Grinstead and you can have some breakfast in the Ounce and Ivy Bush."
I do love that name for a pub.
But first we had to take yesterday's garden rubbish to the dump.
Now, Bill....where do we take rubbish to these days?
He turned into Martyrs Avenue.
"No Bill - it moved from this site about 30 years ago."
"No it didn't.....I came here recently."
In those days it was just a rubbish dump......and people dumping were free to pick over the rubbish.
That's how we got our Victorian knife polisher.
And Oscar our tortoise.....he had been Bill's family tortoise first, ended his days there.
You know how the dustmen never take garden rubbish? Of course they don't. So, I was not concerned that Oscar had decided to hibernate in the garden rubbish.
Bloomin heck! That was the week the dustmen went beyond their normal call of duty and poor Oscar was taken away in the dust cart.
Our heart broken children were told he had been taken to the dump where he would have a wonderful time. We were very into the book Stig of the Dump at the time.
Once I redirected Bill he did realise that the dump had long ago become a municipal refuse tip on a different site and these days is a thriving well organised business.
Over breakfast I continued to talk about Bill's need to try and project a better image.
I reminded him that a driving assessor will not just be assessing his ability to manoeuvre the car.
They will be watching for his attitude, maturity of judgement and general behaviour. He must look like he is in control of any eventuality.
Bill wants to continue driving very much and I am hoping that some of this will sink into his head.
We talk much better out of the house - going out can be more relaxing than staying at home.
Shopping was - well, shopping. But a trip to Aldi puts too many temptations in our way - cheaper than in other places it is true, but we end up spending more!
I have a chicken for the slow cooker tomorrow.
We came home, I put the kettle on, made cups of tea and cut a small slice of chocolate cake.
Bill's was left untouched because he fell asleep.
I phoned the dementia nurse for a chat......bah! She's leaving in 2 weeks. Nurse Hannah will be our new friend. I have met Hannah already at the Carer's Group.
Lucy could tell that I am bogged down in the confusion that is a dementia diagnosis, but praised me for doing as much right as I do.
She is going to chase up Sussex University for me......the radiographer said that we would get a disc with a copy of Bill's brain scan. I admitted that it will make no sense to me; but if I pursue the second opinion route then it would be very useful to have.
We then went to the hospital to see how Frieda is. We took one of the Aldi chocolate rabbits, a direct copy of the Lindt chocolate rabbits at about one quarter of the price. I think she will look at it more than eat it!
I looked through her food menus and tried to get her to concentrate on the choices.
I am assuming that she tends to have whatever the nurses tick when they collect the completed menu from her.
She hasn't a clue what she is ordering.
I noticed that for tomorrow's lunch she had ordered an egg mayonnaise salad, white (this refers to the bread you would choose for a sandwich meal, but no filling was ticked), a jacket potato - no filling ticked, mashed potato.
When I asked her about the salmon and broccoli bake she crooned "oh I love salmon!".
So let's order it then - rather than a motley collection of things which don't go together and she wouldn't want.
Surely this is something her off spring could be doing. At least it would give them something to talk about.
They pop in for a few minutes, one one day and the other, the next. Then they make excuses about not staying long because they have shopping to do.
Tomorrow I get a break from is my monthly Saturday in the shop.