Monday, March 03, 2014


Quick Monday report.

Busy day and I feel tired.
There have been lots of customers, doing lots of buying.
I barely found enough time in the day to sort out my sales of last week and deal with the things I had taken in today.
I sorted out a couple of small bags for the Hospice shop to sell......but failed to take them along the road. These were little bits from my Bargain Corner which I didn't feel particularly proud of.
I left Bill at home of course.
I left a things to do list for him........and so I returned home to a clean cutlery drawer. I wonder why this drawer gets so mucky.
I had hoped I might return to the peaceful Bill who made Saturday evening feel so good.
But no - compulsive clapping , banging walls and furniture and himself.
I felt a bit too tired for coping with it.
This behaviour must be connected with Bill's autistic tendencies.
Tomorrow I must do some research into autism and dementia.
And tomorrow I will write Part 2 of my report of our trip to Glynde and Beddingham Hill.
News today that great nephew/ niece number 42 will join the family later in the year.......mmmm, 2 under 18 months for the parents. Hard work!
Stop Press!
And now I must amend the above news!
The great nephew or niece I just wrote about has dropped down to being number 43.
Number 42 will arrive in August.
Gosh, two reports of new babies in the family on the same day.
They will both be joining an extra special large extended family.