Sunday, March 09, 2014


My bid for freedom on The Downs.

I should detach myself emotionally.
Write it out 100 times, Paula and the lesson might sink in.
Putting it bluntly, if I don't have a husband (well not the one I used to have) then I should allow myself the freedom to be single - whilst all the time remembering that I have somebody to care about.
I worked on thoughts through much of the night.
If I am to be any good to the person I should be caring for, then I must survive in body and mind.
Just now I am lucky for I am 100% (well almost) certain that Bill can be left alone.
So this morning I took myself off for time out.
The car boot sale at Brighton race course was very popular with sellers......loads and loads.
And, sadly, almost all had tables filled with stuff I wouldn't give house room to......and certainly wouldn't want in the shop.
OK - I am fussy. But nothing is a bargain just because it is cheap.
I left with very little in my shopping trolley.
I drove off, debating what to do next on this glorious Spring day.
I opted for Devil's Dyke, where I could get a pot of tea - and a fine view.
Then I went for a walk. It was lovely.
There is still something that feels slightly odd about going for a walk alone.
Though I was hardly alone on The Downs today under the wonderful sunshine. There were so many people on the hill top - most didn't wander far from the car park or the pub. But there were also many walking the footpaths.

These are my pictures - always good to have a camera as a companion.

I opted for the dyke side of the downs - always has been popular. There used to be a train that took people from Brighton to the top in Victorian times and a cable car took people across the dyke.

I walked round and down on the top path and then back along the bottom of the dyke.

Chalk pit on a neighbouring hill.

I asked a couple on the path if one of them could take a picture of me and the view.

Looking along the dyke.
It looks quite steep up the hill from the bottom path, doesn't it?
And later I found that it was .

Now I am on the bottom path.

Nearly back.
Just got this hill to climb.
It was hard work - steeper than it looks in this picture.

This afternoon I sat working and watching the World Indoor Athletics Championships.
I have written up all the things that have been hanging around, ready to take them to the shop tomorrow.
So many books! The shopping trolley feels really heavy.
I have done my best to ignore Bill's noise - and he has been slightly better, maybe.
I just managed to be slightly more detached.