Thursday, March 06, 2014


Books and things

Phew! I'm tired.
In those times at home today it has been impossible to stop my self from dozing.
I was up early and drove to Ford.
It was sunny and pleasant - lots of stall holders arrived to make the most of the weather.
I bought some kitchen bits and books - lots of them.
I have 12 Enid Blytons - all early editions. I haven't yet been through them all to see if any are 1st editions.
I asked how much was wanted for them.
Woman said "He said he wants £30 - £35, but I'll sell them for a score"
There was no arguing with that.
Enid Blyton is so out of fashion these days - even children have to have gritty realism in their books.
I loved Enid Blyton when I was a child. Maybe I was naive, but I didn't find the characters too one sided.

I think the dust wrappers make them extremely attractive books to own.

It was pleasantly bust today at Ford......though I did find I had to avoid 2 customers and their entourage.
The BBC was filming for Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.
Eric Knowles has been around on our screens for years - can't remember the name of the other one.

My trip to Ford included what felt like a world record!
At the level crossing gates this morning I had to wait for 8 trains! There were 4 as I approached the boot sale site and 4 more when I left.

I went straight home - no Littlehampton breakfast.
Bill was still in bed when I got back at gone 11 o'clock.
I was hungry and enjoyed a hearty breakfast - jacket potato and ham.
Then I dozed.

In the afternoon Bill had another appointment - this time with the prescribing nurse, Colleen.
She has been thinking a lot about Bill in the last 2 weeks and talking to others.
Everybody is happy, apparently, about her theories and suggestions for treatment.
So, no medication.
We will be seen by a neuro psychologist - 6 sessions of an hour in which his brain will be thoroughly tested for what it can and can't achieve.
Incredible name really for a psychologist - Dr Reason!
Colleen had ideas to help elastic bands round his wrist to ping.
music etc.
We see Colleeen again in 4 weeks.

After the appointment we went to see Jo for chat and tea and cakes.
Bill also enjoyed a good play with Rufus, the little dog.

Eye lids are drooping and my eyes seem to see all sorts of wonderful scenes as I try to keep them open.
Off to bed.