Monday, March 10, 2014



First of all I am feeling a bit miffed that the lovely weather disappeared.
The chilly wind returned.
And I, stupidly, changed from a thick jumper this morning into a lightweight one.
Stupid, stupid!
I know how cold the shop can feel.
But it had felt warm at home.
Never mind, when I took some things along to the charity shop I had a look at clothes there and spent the rest of the day in a fabulous red knitted jacket by Per Una at M&S. Cost me just £4.50.
I love it.
Life in the shop felt quiet for a while this morning. Steve was out cleaning windows and paintwork and I was at the back changing the look of my more "masculine" area.
With apologies to all who don't like things to be gender specific!
Then more tea drinking and chatting.
Later we were much busier and happily I sold a lovely shaped jug by Portmeirion.
The afternoon slipped by with more tea and a cream doughnut, which Steve bought.
And then home through the country lanes for a change.
Home to be greeted by Bill.
Home to be assaulted by.....well, we all know what don't we?
Bill actually told me that he had been hitting himself during the day.
I think we need help; but I am not sure if it can be forthcoming beyond words of advice. We are waiting to see the neuro psychologist and nobody would now step in and pre-empt what the expert might say.......and that will be, well sometime.
Bill went to bed very early - hitting yourself must be tiring!
And the tension it creates in me is tiring as well.
Never mind....just shared this with a friend:
"Things tend to turn out best for people who make the best of things"
So true - but so difficult.