Thursday, March 13, 2014


Busy day - boot sale and Wakehurst.

I was up early - scraping ice from the car windscreen; and then driving through thick fog towards Ford.
The temperature didn't rise above 3 C until I was south of the Downs when the fog cleared the sun shone and the world felt warm again.
I have some interesting things.
But bother, I didn't bother to ask about a red formica topped kitchen table. It probably needed too much work to make it good.
But the shop rang and asked my best price on the blue kitchen table that has looked good and been useful to display things on.
I took myself off to Littlehampton for breakfast - my turn for eggs benedict!
Then, back home for a rest.
But the weather was so glorious that I wasn't resting for long. It seems to be a few days since Bill has had fresh air and exercise and today was too good to miss.
We went to Wakehurst Place.
A word of warning.......Kew Gardens will be imposing high car parking charges from April. National Trust members will still be admitted for nothing.
Regular visitors might consider the offer of a £25 parking permit for a year, which offers some other concessions - including a free admittance to Kew Gardens in London.
I hope I didn't walk Bill too far; I must admit I felt quite weary.

Primrose time. The primroses are looking superb everywhere - huge clumps on the roadside.

Blossom time.

Bill eventually regretted the coat.

It had been my coat, but since I lent it to him because he had nothing warm to wear in the winter he has worn it every time we go out.
And it's hard to break the routine.

Hard to resist flowers and blue sky.

I love magnolia flowers.

Bill on the wooded slopes.

We didn't go deep into the valley today.

Instead of a pot and tea and cake we opted for really good ice creams and sat outside as the sun was sinking lower.

I bought Bill an amazing ball in the shop. I hope he can have lots of fun with it and provide him with something entertaining (and peaceful!) to do with his hands.