Monday, March 17, 2014


You'll have to wait for the enigma.

Looks like I'll be sharing the poser that Nigel and I have been working on at the shop tomorrow.
We did have fun today working on enigmas in the shop.
No - not the dealers or the customers! But sometimes things crop up on the shelves and you wonder what on earth they are!
My journeys today were long - bus, train, sports car, and I was very tired when I got back home.
It was hard coming home tired - did I really relish time with my husband?
Sadly, no.
I watched a bit of TV and have been chatting on the phone.
So the evening slipped away.
Tomorrow I shall be up early to deliver the car to Tates for its MOT.......and whatever else they think is necessary. I shall be back on the number 10 bus to bring me home again to await the verdict on the car.