Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The enigma in the antiques shop.

Can anybody solve the enigma in the antiques shop?

It is an antique.

A wooden plaque - about 5 inches in diameter.

Who is he?
It is dated 1900. So I was thinking about the Boer War.
But he does look rather like Czar Nicholas.
And just what is the message on the reverse side?

In English - so that's a start.
What we have is
"To a Good C.F. Boy.......then a faint word which is unreadable. Could begin with capital A or C, seems to end with ed.
then Rable, Rabie

It would be good to know who the soldier is - a military leader of some sort,
Nigel and I spent  a long time looking things up on the internet, trying out ideas.
It doesn't belong to either of us.
And the one who is selling it doesn't have a high price on it, because she doesn't know what it is all about either.

History and antiques can lead us to all sorts of knowledge.......or up blind alleys on a wild goose chase.
It was fun up the blind alley anyway.