Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The enigma Part 2. Solved?

The enigma that intrigued Nigel and I on Monday has now travelled round the world!
Many ideas have come forward.
I think we might know who the man is now. The translation of the writing is pure conjecture - but let's cling on to the story which fits.

I'll illustrate how thinking has gone by pasting the conversation from facebook.
With thanks to all contributors.
I included information from an email that I received yesterday evening.

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Then we all got on with our normal lives.
I am sure that Jamie is right.
The plaque depicts Hector Macdonald - a hero of African wars.
Nobody could deny that he was a hero - but the army toffs couldn't sustain admiration for a poorly born man - a Scottish crofter's son.
Hector was bullied and treated with a lack of respect.
It may be that the accusations of homosexuality were no more than bullying tactics.
But they hurt and in 1903 he committed suicide.
The details were covered up and he was permitted to keep his heroic reputation.

The story from Roger will never be substantiated I guess.
I agree that the name of the recipient could well be Fred Rable.
And amazing that a Fred Rable existed - a boy of 8, when he received the plaque. (If it was him).