Friday, March 21, 2014



Perhaps a day at home is not good for Bill.
He became very restless this evening - more banging and clapping than I could cope with.
This morning was devoted to house work. Bill changed the linen on our bed. I dusted and cleaned floors downstairs. Last week I bought  a pink handled mop and bucket - quite fun to wash the kitchen floor today.
I haven't done as much housework as was on my list of to do things.
This afternoon I went to see Rose - another of our elderly neighbours. She is great.
I did ask Bill if he wanted to come and he opted not to.
But later I saw him wandering outside her house - I think he felt lonely. So he came in and helped himself to the biscuits Rose had put out for me.
I think he also felt lonely as I watched some of Sport Relief. He felt shut out of moving stories.....he clapped and banged all the louder.
He can't deal with emotion and caring really - but in a way, he never has. He could make a difference for people in a practical way - but not with any emotional empathy.
Perhaps  we can get out tomorow morning - I intend to go to Ford. Bill should come too.
.........Whoops! So sleepy now - have been asleep for an hour on the sofa.