Tuesday, March 25, 2014


And the grass continued to grow.

This is the late blog:
Enjoyed being kept away from my computer by wine and conversation.
No grass has been cut today- bah! It has rained quite a bit.
So lots of good eating and relaxing.
Before Rolf and I went to the supermarket we went for tea/coffee and pain au raisin at La Rusta. Rolf wanted fresh yeast for bread making and I guessed that Alex would have some.
But not until after midday when more would be delivered.
So we did the shopping  - ingredients for meals that Rolf planned to cook and then went to Dorking with the kitchen table.
This is now in place in my section and I am very pleased to see it there.
Back at home we collected Bill and then went to collect fresh yeast, and to grasp the opportunity to have a late lunch.
Home then to relax a bit.
My body has been really hurting. I have maybe mentioned the back ache - it's not really that though, it's pain all around my waist.
I am thinking it is a big flare up of pancreatitis and maybe caused by the extreme stress I felt on Saturday evening.
Deep breathing, woman......that would combat the stress somewhat.
Though wine and lovely adult conversation are good tools for stress busting too.
I relaxed at the computer and lazy woman that I am let Rolf get on with the cooking!
He made a delicious leek and bacon quiche. He made a dough (not with yeast) to press into a big dish - not pastry exactly.
The filling was delicious and it is a recipe that I will copy.
And then we talked and talked.
Loving it!
I think the weather forecast is better for tomorrow - lots of work will be done in the garden.
I think tomorrow's dinner might be an Italian lamb dish.