Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Connections within the global village.

Just awoken from a delicious deep sleep.
I was alone, meaning to pull myself away from Masterchef on TV and then write my blog and be in bed at about 10 o'clock.
I could hardly believe, when I opened my eyes, that it was almost 11 o'clock.
It has been a good day and I have not been away from home.
I was up fairly early to make sure that Rolf would be able to find all that he needed to do things in the garden - and to make some decisions about what needed to be done.We began in the back.
The composter has been emptied and some pretty good compost (had been rotting away untouched for a year or more) was scattered on the soil of the garden. Rolf chopped back one of the conifers opposite the kitchen window in order to do this and another was taken out completely.
Our back garden is cluttered - I allow all sorts of bits and pieces to decorate it. Everything needed to be moved in preparation for the power cleaner on the paving stones.
I busied myself with this. Some things for the dump, some to the charity shop and some to keep.
Later there were similar decisions to be made in the front garden - which plants to keep and which might go.
Rolf loves to be busy in a garden. I was worried that he was working too hard  and I worried thjat I was taking advantage of his good nature.
I was almost glad when the rain came - he was forced to call a halt.
The grass has still not been cut and the power cleaner has not yet been used, but already I can see that the garden is looking much better - enjoying its beauty treatment.
More to be done tomorrow and Friday.
Talking of beauty treament - I will be sent a voucher for a massage. I was phoned by The Carers' Helpline, asking if there was anything I needed.
I need massage and soothing.
My back, middle, pancreas - whatever it is at the root of my pain - is giving me hell. I am taking strong pain killers to tone down the pain a bit and to keep me cheerful. There are times when I find movement very difficult.
After our lunch of jacket potatoes, left over quiche from last night and ham and things, I let Rolf work in the garden alone and I stayed indoors at the computer.
And an incredible story unfolded.
I contacted Rolf's sister to ask if she would like to be a facebook friend and she agreed.
Before I had time to write anything to her, there was a comment from Rolf's cousin.
Bill and I had got to know both Rolf's immediate family and that of his uncle and aunt. We stayed with both families.
It was a wonderful holiday in 1976.
So next, I was becoming friends with the cousin, Sabine - who lives in Greece.
A small thought crossed my mind.......Jamie would be fascinated to know I was in touch with these people. Jamie, aged 7 in 1976, was already aware of a pretty face and had a soft spot for Sabine - just a bit older than him.
So next Jamie in Thailand was chatting with Sabine in Greece.
Then Olaf, Sabine's brother joined in. Another facebook friend for me! And more facebook friends for Jamie too.
Olaf and Jamie chatted and we discovered that Olaf had been in Phuket about a month ago. He is a sport's journalist and had interviewed a mountain bikr......who just happens to have had the office next door to Jamie's. Jamie has known the person since 2004. The guy's partner actually works with Jamie in the dive shop and I know her too.
Soon the mountain biker had joined in!
I was just loving it - loving the memories and loving the link up between people all connected within this global village of ours.
I have put photos from that holiday onto facebook too - it felt like hardly more than yesterday and many images flooded into my brain.
Everybody loved to see them.
Meanwhile Rolf was finally beaten by the weather.
But did he stop? No, after a cup of tea, he made a loaf of bread and then popped down to Asda for some chicken - too late by then to cook the Italian lamb dish.
We had delicious chicken with roasted cubed potatoes.
I was tired - foolishly didn't abandon things for bed as both Bill and Rolf did.
Bill has been pretty damn noisy today.
Tomorrow, despite a suspect weather forecast, Rolf and I will go to Ford and Littlehampton.
Must get some sleep!!!

The hat has history - it had been mine!
In 1978, Rolf had forgotten to pack a hat (and that year the chilly wind must have been strong, like now). I gave him one of my hats and it has become THE gardening hat of choice.
Another brilliant day.
Even so, there was a moment this evening when I felt my breathing begin to race when Bill was getting louder and louder and more determined to make himself heard in the only way he seems to know how.
Slow deep breathing, Paula!