Sunday, March 30, 2014


English fish and chips.

Carpe diem.......and all that.
But, by lunch time my ability to seize anything had faded away. I needed sleep.
I needed the pain to go too.
And just maybe, I have managed to give the doctor false information about the pain.
I have been pondering on the idea that I have a cracked rib - certainly wouldn't be the first time!

Rolf and I went to Brighton this morning - first to the race course car boot sale and then to The Marina.
I didn't really buy very much - and definitely haven't sorted it.
The weather was lovely and I enjoyed strolling amongst the stalls.
We went to The West Quay for a bite to eat.......but on hearing that the waiting time for food could be 40 minutes, we moved on.
We went to the fish and grill brasserie for the lunchtime offer for fish and chips.
It was good value. And lovely to sit outside by all the yachts, sipping my soda and lime.
Rolf enjoyed a tomato, onion and mozzarella salad with his meal, which looked lovely.
That on its own would have been a meal for me - if I had wanted to risk eating mozzarella.
The fish and chips filled me well.
And I felt like very little more today.

Rolf put together a meal for this evening - but not too much because I knew I couldn't manage much. Just a slice of the apple cake he made would have been enough.

So, tired, in pain and not strong enough to a world that felt like living within the walls of a lunatic asylum. That was my evening.
Bill and I will be seeing Colleen this week - the nurse attached to the memory service. She will have to know how close I am to not coping.
I realised that even quite a small illness would make it impossible to cope with Bill.
No - just being with him can be pretty damn impossible.