Monday, March 31, 2014


Back to some sort of normality.

Rolf was on the road at about half past seven this morning.
I had meant that he take a card and gifts to his parents - bu the week slipped away and I had got nothing ready. Mr Postman will have to carry them for me instead.
I then had things to do to get ready for the shop.
My plan for the day was to do almost nothing.
I have been so tired and in pain - hard to get in and out of chairs.
I sorted out my sales for the week - things sold everyday except today.
But other people sold today.
I think Steve was feeling a bit low too - neither of us felt like doing very much.
I took some photos of my section - so that Rolf's wife can see them here on the blog and some of his family can see them on facebook.

The kitchen table - the one that Bill carried and later, Rolf carried and might have caused me to crack a rib.

Tins I bought at Brighton Marina yesterday.
I loved them and wanted them - and they will bring very little profit.

A cooking pot with magazines about cooking and other things.

Some glass.

 This part looks a bit untidy - next time I might get it sorted.

Loosely titled "Things for Mother"

Dolls and things.

Old birthday cards of the 1950s.
I bought some more old cards yesterday morning at Brighton racecourse.

A kitchen shelf.

Loosely - Things for Father.

My section.

Home - lovely driving on a bright sunny evening.
Enjoyed a slice of Rolf's apple cake with some cream that was in the fridge. Shouldn't have had the cream, of course,
Bill has been a but better.
Maybe he understood the concept that he could have me or he could make noise - but he can't have both.
Who am I trying to kid? Of course he didn't understand the concept.

Tomorow the fence and gate will be done. The materials are here already - so I guess he will start early.
So, I must get up early. There is lots of tidying up to do at hime - if my bosy allows me to be active.