Monday, April 07, 2014


Not easy.

Pain - bad.
Leg -  swollen and painful.
Generally - feel rough.
Not sure which direction I am going in.
Bed very soon.
Yes, I did a bit too much in the shop - but then one stretch or bend is too much.
Sad that Bill is so confused.
He said I had a phone call this afternoon - but doesn't know who from or what it was about. I hope that the person who phoned isn't assuming that I will get the message.
He was on the phone when I got in - answering questions thrown at him by a cold caller.
When I heard Bill say that he might make a will, I stepped in and interrupted. But the guy didn't shut up - even told him that Bill has dementia.
I will get a cheap pay as you go phone so that I can phone if I am out and Bill must never answer the land line. But can I get that message through?
Perhaps I should be arranging day care - which Bill hates the idea of.
I don't have the ability to think this one through right now.
Feel so fed up.
Ah well, tomorrow is another day.
I have lots of little things to sort out tomorrow.
Good night.