Sunday, April 13, 2014


Time to put things right.

Mrs. Strong has gone away - maybe because I called her stupid. Instead we have Mrs. Realistic.
Mrs. R found enough energy to sort out someone to look after the shop tomorrow.
I have felt so unwell
At last I have abandoned the cracked ribs notion. This has to be a flare up of chronic pancreatitis. And it's getting worse
I certainly should know this pain. Every moment of that first time is etched on my memory. I am re-living them all now - making me feel more wobbly than ever.
In addition I am also concerned about my swollen ankle/leg. My friend is sure it is cellulitis and I need antibiotics
I do hope Dr D can be available tomorrow
Something must be sorted - I have Bill to think of. And nobody who has not spent time with him understands what that means and I can't insist a doctor reads my blog.
I was in bed during the afternoon and have slept - thanks to a tramadol. I read NHS advice and knew they would suggest that. They also said that life style improvement should improve my health. Farewell cake!
A dull diet is more fun than how I feel now.