Saturday, April 19, 2014


Nothing Much.

Another day of nothing.
It is tiring doing nothing, and it must stop.
But it was another day and I still have some sanity - that's a bonus.
It was good to see Ruth today - that was my event of the day.
I did tidy the fridge.
And this afternoon I went through Jamie's photos of our Thailand holiday this time last year. They have never been properly sorted by me and particularly many that were taken with his I phone were upside down.
They all come up on my slide show screen saver and I think it slightly bothered Bill seeing pictures the wrong way up.
What a wonderful holiday it was.

April 21st last year - what a difference a year makes.
We suspected that things might be going wrong for Bill, but never dreamed of how he would be in April now.

I think, looking back that maybe Bill has been just a bit more peaceful today.
He got up very late.Mind you, I was no early riser either.
I wonder why he bangs. He was eating his cereal this morning (well after midday) when suddenly he hit the table hard with his spoon - like a gun shot. I jumped and then went jittery.
When Ruth asked him about the Friday group, he could tell her nothing. he had forgotten it all.
I have photos to remind him.
But will they remind him - when I described what he did he just asked "Are you sure I was there?"

Bill helps clear the lunch table.

Tomorrow I am going to grab some "me" time.
Suddenly I feel guilty and scared about that. I feel shaky just thinking about it.
But if he gets up after midday again, he won't be alone really for long.
I know, that if I can get my body and mind round it, I would benefit for a day on the wet and draughty timekeepers' steps with my friends. I shall have a job to concentrate on, so my mind should be fairly free from home anxieties. The lovely Donna has agreed to be the chief timekeeper for me.

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