Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Getting started

Very tired - Don't feel so good tonight
I got up quite early (for me) and got a few things done, like finding National Insurance numbers for the Attendance Allowance form
I even worked out how to use the scanner on my printer, which I have not used before.
I certainly haven't done everything on my things to do list.
This afternoon we went into town so I could talk to someone at the bank. I now have an appointment for 2 weeks time.
We spent time in La Rusta, where Bill was reasonably behaved
Shame he can't remember Anna's name. Just earlier he had demonstrated that long memory is much better
We met Doreen, wife of Vic. Bill had been Vic's apprentice in1955. Bill knew who Doreen was.
Home to doze.
Hard to doze in such an unrelaxing house.
But at least I made a start on doing things
I do hope I feel better soon.