Thursday, May 01, 2014


The driving issue

Insomnia is rife. I was awake, again, at 3 o'clock. I wrote something on Facebook and received almost instant replies. So many people suffering pains and stress - tough for so many, but I am happy that we can support each other.
I was expecting to be out this morning, but instead I enjoyed extra time relaxing in bed. The clinical psychologist is not well and the appointment was cancelled.
I enjoyed the peace and quiet, with Bill still sleeping.
I probably should have done a few things, but the pain does tempt me into idleness
Bill got up, exuberant and full of noise. How can hitting yourself  feel so good?
I spent a while talking with Bill about his appointment with Dr. D.
I explained that almost certainly the doctor would order Bill to stop driving - at least until the assessment that I have arranged and paid for. That will be May 22nd.
Bill did seem to understand what the doctor was saying. He couldn't express how he felt. But he was confident anyway that the decision would be reversed in three weeks time.
I can't comment on that. Who knows?
Today I have been working on another of my intricate doodles. It's very relaxing and kept me peaceful and calm as Bill banged, clapped, laughed and chirruped. I thought he should be allowed to release any tension caused by the driving ban.
Now watching the programme about P
Protecting elderly parents. It's about the world that I am now living in. I didn't watch the programme last night about incidents of cruelty in some care homes. I needed to protect myself from such terrible things.