Friday, April 25, 2014


Today at Forget me Not.

I thought I might be in for a hell of a day - from the moment that Bill refused to get up.
I wanted him  up so that we could go to Forget Me Not.
" You can go on your own" he announced.
"I am not going".
"But, Bill your dinner is ordered."
"You'll have to eat it," he replied.
Change tactics, Paula. Lie!
I told him that going to the group was part of his medical treatment, which the doctor says he must do because it will help him.
It's not a complete lie is it?
And........slowly, slowly he got up, washed and dressed.
I thought he would retaliate and be disruptive at the group. But that didn't happen.
He accepted the friendly greetings, the cup of coffee and some biscuits.
He and I then settled down to a game to a game of dominoes.

We had 2 games and Bill won both times.
He was relaxed and smiling. I like that set- big and tactile.
After those games he was encouraged to play a ball throwing game - get the balls through holes to score points.

Mandy got him started.

Then Bill played John.

The ball went close to one of the scoring holes - but missed. I think it was quite difficult.

We celebrated Malcom's birthday.
Beverly lights the candles on his cake.
He is 80 and had a bit of  a hardtime because his  wife has just been in hospital for a hip replacement.

I love this picture.
Cake seems to have been much enjoyed.

After lunch Bill and I played a game of sort of bowls together.
Bill had banged a clapped a bit - and cackled. But it was not as bad as it can be.
In fact it was hardly disruptive at all.
I sat with other women and was happy to chat and feel relaxed.

It was nearly time to go. I gave Bill my camera and asked him to take pictures of people.

Fred posed for Bill.
Love the hat, Fred.

And Bill persuaded Mandy to pose too.

Bill went to lie down once we got in, so the peace continued for a while.
But for the past 3 hours he has been difficult and seems to be in no hurry to go to bed.
But he was upstairs on his own for a short while.
He came down to ask me a question.
"Are we in England or Thailand?"
"Look around you, Bill - whose house are we in?"
"'s our house."
"And where is our house?"
"Oh - I must be losing my mind. But we were in Thailand this morning weren't we?"
It is no wonder that he needs some outlet for this confusion and tension - and in Bill's case it is to make noise. Making noise must be the only time he feels he has any control over his life.
How else can he be given some control, I wonder.
It must be awful to feel helpless.
Mind you, that's how I feel after hours of banging.