Saturday, April 26, 2014


A bit more normal - except my computer.

All in all a really good day. First I had Bill sitting quietly, engrossed in CITV. Then out for a walk with Felix and Otto and Bill enjoyed himself with them. Otto insisted on taking Bill home with him to share chocolate. And I could relax with a cup of a tea and Jenny and Ruth. Sweet of Ruth to include us in her afternoon. Bill was a bit noisy this evening, making me feel a bit niggly of course. But I am happy - it was lovely to be out and feel more like the real me again.

That is my facebook summing up of the day.
I have photos and I will post them tomorrow. I really enjoyed taking the photos and working on them.
And this evening I can't get them properly loaded onto FB. It could be the fault of FB - somebody else has been having trouble with pictures and videos today.
I put 30 photos into an album and all I got was the first 7 just going round and round.

Oh CITV is children's ITV - programmes even simpler than the BBC children's channel. But Bill liked the programmes and the adverts,

Frustrating end to the day. Bah!