Tuesday, May 06, 2014


A postscript to my earlier black posting.

Postscript for May 5th.

Firstly sorry I sounded so black in what I wrote earlier - it is a true representation of how I feel for much of my life.
I shall copy it tomorrow and send it by email to Colleen, the specialist dementia nurse.
I am up late tonight - just relishing some time without Bill. He goes to bed quite early.
I have battled instead with sorting photos of the Ifield May Fair - they are now on facebook.
I'll choose some of them to put on a blog posting tomorrow.
It was a good day - a successful event, with much to entertain and do.
My highlight was climbing the winding staircase up the church tower. I have been in and out of the church for almost 65 years and have never been up there before.
Half past midnight now.
Must not be up late tomorrow.
I have to do what many people do - I must tidy the house a bit before the cleaners come in!