Tuesday, May 20, 2014


tired, but with some contentment.

Feeling tired, but reasonably well.
I have been in bed for much of the day. I will have another day and night here. I will go home on Thursday morning. Jenny will go to Cirencester to see the grandchildren there in a play. She will be back on Friday to take me for the endoscopy.
The news I have of Bill is good. My niece in law has worked at Deerswood and her mother still does. She reports that people
love him, even though he is noisy. He has added a new noise, squawking back at the parrot who lives on the balcony of the first floor. Apparently he thinks that carer, Pauline is me!
Another report comes from his sister Pam. She went in with a birthday card and some cake. They walked in the garden and then had a cup of tea. She said that he asked about me. So Pauline is only a temporary wife! Pam says he was noisy. But when asked if he liked it at Deerswood, he said that it was quite nice, that is high praise from Bill!
So, just now we are both content.
I know that my problems are far from over - they will have to be worked on later. But good to know that contentment is possible.
Sorry I missed your Skype call Roger. I was downstairs with Ruth and eating more of Jenny's leek and potato soup. She is on a mission to fatten me up!