Friday, May 16, 2014


The need for tablets

Today has been a struggle - haven't felt at well.
That adds to my anxiety.
I took Bill to Forget Me Not. I wanted him to join the exercise class and also to have his cooked meal to save me bothering
I felt weepy there, but others helped me
Earlier I had talked with Ruth about tablets - not medication
She thought that as I wouldn't be using it for much more than basic communication, the new Tesco Hudl would be good. She said she had it in mind as being suitable for her boys. So I bought 3 of them
Good people in Tesco - they saw that I was struggling and got me a chair and some water.
Since we got home Bill has been really noisy
Maybe he was feeling too bewildered. We almost never go to Tesco - maybe the last time was in Thailand. When we got in the car, he asked where we were going. I told him we were going home. But what about our things? He feared we had forgotten our cases.
Poor Bill. But poor me too. I really couldn't cope with the constant loud noise
I have spent the rest of the day in my room, trying to avoid the worst of it
Relieved when he went to bed
But he still bangs whilst in bed
I hate the thought of his confusion and how he will miss me next week, but I do agree with all my supporters that I desperately need a break and that it will be hard to deal with everything that is coming my way with him around. Recovery will be almost impossible with Bill upsetting me so much
This evening I have tried to set up the Hudl and failed. I don't know what password Bill used when he installed the router. Any ideas how I can find it on line?
Sleep now - too much to do tomorrow. Shopping and packing Bill's things
I must get a laundry marker for all his clothes
I must get some money out for him too and see if I can pay by card for his week away
I do look forward to a week when I can think about me. And I know only people who haven't experienced Bill will think that I am being selfish.