Thursday, May 15, 2014


Lots of work from my bed.

Really too tired. And yet I have been in bed for much of the day.
Feel too weak, unwell and pained
Bill has been sweet, despite his noise. At lunch time he asked if I wanted anything and then brought me the ham and cucumber sandwich, without crusts that I requested.
From morning my bed was my office again. Many phone calls
Bill remembers nothing of yesterday. Just as well, because I have agreed with Wendy that Deerswood is the place for him next week. She is making sure they have all information they need. The residential side has better facilities and more chances of one to one. My nephew's mother in law works there and she has been reassuring too
Wendy will pop in and see him each evening. And I will ask Julie Carer to take him out on Monday. Maybe more
Phone call later asking me to have an endoscopy next Friday. Tomorrow I must check that the hospital team go along with that. They want me to have CT scan.
Another call inviting Bill for his hernia op on Wednesday. Sorry Bill, you will have to wait.
Lots of chatting - Jenny came round, Jo phoned
Had to get up eventually. I had to go to hospital for the pre op assessment. All went well.
I spent the evening downstairs and managed to completely ignore Bill's noise. I think he was a bit baffled. Must keep it up.
Life is tough.