Wednesday, May 21, 2014


relaxation is good for me

Another day of relaxation..... laziness?
I do know that. the calmness is easing my pain.
And I am still so tired.
The trip back home exhausted me. We picked up a few bits that I needed and the paperwork connected to the endoscopy. It felt weird in my home. As I sat for a while, I could almost hear Bill thumping kitchen cupboards.
I will be home next week, but maybe Bill won't be. I have talked to Deerswood folk and they feel that Bill doesn't know when he is due to leave. He thinks that he is there for a rest. If it is possible, I would like him there for another week. After that we must play it by ear, according to what is decided for me.
I slept a while this afternoon.
This evening I have eaten some chicken and potatoes.
I will go and have a cuppa with Ruth in a few minutes. Jenny is at a village conservation meeting.
Everybody is tired. Jenny was up at 5, making chocolate brownies for the school cake sale. Ruth has been on Box Hill for a work team bonding exercise - up and down all day long.
Lovely red sky just now - not sure how delightful weather will be tomorrow.