Thursday, May 22, 2014


Contact with outside world.

I am really happy during this wonderful fantasy week, in my Beautiful nest.
Today a little reality has crept in - contact with the outside world.
I have now sorted that Bill will have another week at Deerswood.
This will give me time to adjust to the reality of life at home.
Bill has had visitors today.
Amie has been in - she used to work at Deerswood.
Bill enjoyed seeing her and the lovely baby Nancy.
There are pictures, but I need to study the method of getting them from tablet to blog.
Later I talked to him - thanks to Julie Carer (as distinct from Julie Sister.
He sounded relaxed and happy. He accepted that he would not be home this weekend. Just didn't question it.
I did notice that when he handed phone back to Julie, there were the old familiar noises. She said that he hadn't done it much.
It's me, I unsettle him.
Getting late, must sleep.
Endoscopy tomorrow