Monday, February 13, 2012


Water, pesky shoplifter, headache and a good book.

I know - we need water.
Well, that goes without saying, but in this part of the world we are facing drought. Our closest reservoir is down to only 30% full. There are problems ahead.
But we didn't need water today did we?
Gloomy rain.
And in addition after the freezing conditions of Saturday, there was a burst pipe in a shed out the back of the shop.
Bill got quite wet investigating it, but somehow cobbled together the leaking pipe.

This morning at the shop was very busy. People everywhere.
Not a good time for security.
I am a very trusting person and assume that I have had almost nothing stolen from me.
But it happened today.
I had a Clarice Cliffe style sugar shaker. Early on I moved it from one shelf to another.
During the afternoon I noticed it had gone.
I had been taking a few photos to mark Pancake Day next Tuesday - the sugar shaker would have been in one of the photos.
I searched and searched; my eyes kept returning to the spot where I had put it.....almost believing that it would suddenly reappear. It is just as well it wasn't a genuine 1930s piece of Clarice - that might have been a big loss to take. I hope the thief believes he has a genuine piece, because he will soon have his greedy hopes dashed.

These things happen. We have to take them in our stride.
I must be feeling bad to utter this strongest of my curses!

I had been yawning all day - maybe tired of course. I should have been suspicious, though. Increased yawning, for me, can be a sign of an impending migraine.
Suddenly my body ached, I felt nauseous and my head throbbed. Fortunately it was almost closing time. Some paracetamol and a lie down have helped. A good night's sleep will soon have me back to normal.

I was pleased that today I found 2 more books by Catherine Alliott. I discovered by chance really - a cheap buy at a boot sale. I have almost finished it.....and so wanted more from this author.
She is brilliant - the story twists and turns within a family framework and she observes life so well and people's mannerisms - and she makes me laugh.

Time for a cuppa and some relaxation and some TV.
Tomorrow we are going to Purley to deliver more items that sold on EBay. I am looking forward to meeting this gentleman.
We may call in on Bill's cousin on the way home.