Saturday, February 11, 2012


Mostly Steyning.

Was it only 2 days ago that we had a walk along Steyning High Street?
A lot seems to have happened since then.
Steyning is not a place we have been too much - not quite on the route to anywhere we go to. We must go more often - not least of all, because we have athletics friends who live there; but on Thursday I was not carrying either address or phone number.
There are many timbered houses.

The market hall......except more recent research has revealed that the medieval market hall was not this building, but another further along The High Street.
The founder of The Quakers (George Fox) preached at the old market hall - but it couldn't have actually been this clock tower building.
Lovers of poetry will note the time on the clock......"stands the clock at ten to three, and is there honey still for tea?"
The clock tower stands at the top of a hill. The High Street goes over the hill.

Church street turns off The High Street.
We are now walking down the hill the other side of the clock tower.

The old pump and Pump House.

The Methodist Church and  a blue plaque noting scandal in Steyning.
Charles Parnell was an Irish Nationalist who had pursued Kitty O'Shea. She was a married woman, but her husband refused to divorce her because she was likely to come into money. The thought of the money over ruled her infidelity and the fact that three of her children were almost certainly fathered by Parnell.
Eventually after money matters had been resolved, Kitty was free to marry.
Within 4 months Parnell had a heart attack and died.
Yes, I learn something every day!

Alleyways and old cottages.

One very narrow alleyway led to some old buildings - one housing the tea shop, and then a courtyard of large garden sheds, being used as quirky individual little shops.
The sight of the tea shop, with a table set for tea in the entrance to entice you in,  encouraged us to think of hot cups of tea. We bought cakes from the baker's and made our way home.
It had been a chilly day.

But not as cold as this day.
We awoke to find the temperature at minus 10 degrees. Our back garden faces north and gets no sun at this time of year and the temperature there has not gone above zero all day.
It certainly seemed wise to stay in bed, reading, this morning. Being at Ford might have felt very uncomfortable.
We did walk to the post office in the sunshine. It felt crisp and very fresh.
We still have ice and snow out the back.