Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Swapping over the cresteds.

The good news is that we will have a trip out to Partridge Green tomorrow.
It might be too cold for much of a photo shoot, we'll see.
The trip is to deliver the crested Partridge Green cup which was sent to the wrong address. That buyer got it back to me in double quick time.
We collect the Christ's Hospital item and sent it off to the rightful owner tomorrow by 1st class post and he should have it on Friday.
Goodness, even without major errors some sellers don't get things to their buyers that quickly!
It may not be suitable for photography - but maybe a light lunch in a pub would be lovely.
We were out briefly this morning to the post office.
Powdery snow was falling and a chilly wind was blowing.
We still have a fair amount of crunchy crackling icy snow lying about.
I am ready for an early night.