Monday, February 06, 2012


Silly me - getting in a muddle.

I made a mistake - not so very strange really; I am sure I am quite prone to mistake making.
I have sent 2 items of crested china to the wrong buyers.
I hope it is as simple as that - moderately easy to sort out.
One of them probably has not received his yet, but I have now told him that the item he bid for is at an address in Partridge Green; a buyer there had been looking forward to adding to her Partridge Green collection. I presume that the man I have written to will receive the PG item tomorrow.
I have suggested he doesn't even open his parcel when it arrives but merely readdress it and send it back. I will pay for that of course.
When I get it, I will check it and then Bill and I can drive to Partridge Green (not far away) with the treasure being waited for there. I can collect the other item and then send it off.
In 10 years of selling on EBay this is only the 2nd time it has happened. I am sure it happens to big business quite often.

It has not been as cold today. All day we could and see drip, drip dripping as snow melted away. I thought it might be all gone, but out in the fields and gardens there is still quite a layer of it.
I guess it will freeze all over again tonight - a clear night, with a beautiful moon.
I wasn't cold in the shop. I have worked hard, which kept me warm.
I was setting up lots of interesting bits and pieces for photographs, reflecting the lovely window display devoted to Valentine's Day.
These will become the next posting of the shop blog - sometime this week.
There was no going out for Bill and me today - not that we wanted to.
Julie didn't arrive at all - no doubt she would have been fearful just getting her car out up the steep drive.
Monika packed up lots of stuff to take to Epsom for the monthly fair at the racecourse. She left at quarter past three.
No problem though - not that many buyers around today. I am happy that Bill and I both sold though.