Tuesday, February 07, 2012



Loved the sunshine today....and the blue sky.
It was not enough to clear the frozen snow, though. On the north side of our house it is quite treacherous.

My EBay problem is gradually being solved. The buyers are both very helpful and know that I am putting things right as quickly as possible.
I had better be very careful in the morning when I pack up some bus books - 11 out of 12 sold this evening.

Late afternoon and early evening we were babysitting for our nephews (half nephews?....quarter nephews? I don't know. Doesn't matter we love them and they are nephews.)
They were very well behaved and we had some good chats as we watched some CBeebies.
And I reminded myself that I love reading to children.

Bath time. I forgot to put flash on, so not as sharp as they should be.
The boys have an ability that I don't have - don't think I could squirt water out of my mouth like that. I would just dribble down my chin!

Both boys used my camera.

I had to assist Otto by holding the camera - a bit big and heavy for a 3 year old.

I have cropped their efforts - just to get rid of quite large expanses of wall.

Felix managed the camera very well. Yes, I removed the excessive amount of wall, but I haven't straightened it up at all.

Ready for bed.
By the time Mummy got home, teeth had been cleaned and we had almost finished one book. It was about racing cars (with names and faces of course) who lived at Silver Hatch race track.