Friday, February 10, 2012


The Titanic at Postcard Club.

It is cold tonight - with very clear sky.
We have been out to the post card club. The speaker looked to be very interesting.
He was.
It was really good.
This young man has been obsessed with all things Titanic since the age of 8.
Seven years ago The History Channel launched a competition to find somebody to take down to see The Titanic and he, and about 30,000 others entered.
He made it through to the final 6.
He had all the credentials to win and win he did. They loved the model he made of The Titanic, aged 8, his knowledge and above all his qualifications in film.
He first did Media Studies (who says it never gets you anywhere?) followed by a BA Hons in Film.
This meant he would be ideal for contributing to the documentary the History Channel were making.
His presentation was, of course, very professional and as a speaker he was really likeable.
The tale of The Titanic is always fascinating - a very human story and a complete cock up! Our speaker added more details than I had heard before about how much of a cock up it all was.
One of the crew members left the ship at Southampton before departure - taking a key with him; the key to the cupboard where binoculars were kept.
The look out crew had no binoculars.
It is such snippets that add to the interest.
He had examples of his photography on show and a small piece of coal that had been salvaged from The Titanic - but not by him.
I bought a postcard of one of his photographs.

Lovers of the film - if there are any - can just imagine Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio standing there arms outstretched.
I'm afraid they just wouldn't have had the time in reality.

If you would like to see more I can direct you to his web site.

I can also give you details of Pilgrims Antique Centre blog, which was updated today.

And also you can see my piece of writing that was published in The Phuket News today.

So lots happening - and still busy with EBay.
We had planned to go to Ford tomorrow - but the cold has put us off. Fortunately there is an antiques and collectables fair at Woking on Sunday, so we can go hunting in the warm.