Sunday, February 12, 2012


Misty murk or sunshine?

I peered through the curtains at a grey slightly ominous looking dawn.
Would it be safer to stay in bed? I wondered.
And the snowflakes began to fall.
But not for long.
We followed through with our plans - maybe the safety of bed was not the issue, but life at home might have been more interesting.
I wandered a bit aimlessly around the collectors' fair. I bought a few bits, which will make a profit.....though not the lovely 1950s vase with a crack in it!
Maybe I was too fixed on finding old ephemera!

So, it was back out into the cold, misty murk.
We drove into the centre of Woking, only to find the car park we have used before is not open.
Bother! Where now?
We ended up in a big multi storey, attached to a Mall.
Not my world at all.
And do you know once in the Mall we couldn't get out! I had to ask advice from somebody about how to escape!
Once out we we made our way to see The Invisible Man once again.
We were too late for breakfast - so had a roast dinner instead.
That was pleasant.
There are TVs on in Wetherspoons - without sound, only text. But I couldn't help noticing that it was wall to wall Whitney Houston. Why?
The world had not suddenly stopped turning.
A pop singer has died.
I just put something on facebook about not being an admirer - and family and friends have rushed to agree with me. I did add that I am always sorry when somebody dies before their time, particularly before they have worked out who they are and what life is truly about.

Then back home through that misty murk - its getting warmer. There is still snow and ice, but slowly, slowly melting.

Now lets think of a world without misty murk.
Three quite wonderful pictures from Jamie.

Phuket, West coat, high season.......and not a tourist in site.
The sheep like tourists don't venture far from Patong.
Jamie says they will take a picnic there next week.
I hope we can all take a picnic there next year.
No murky mist!

Perhaps one of my favourite photographs ever.

Time for a cup of tea and a light snack soon.
I have some books to wrap, which have sold this afternoon.
I must do that before The Midwife comes on TV.