Thursday, June 26, 2008


26th June. Knocked out, like Maria Sharapova!

I have been sleeping...... dozing through a tennis match which was proving to be of much excitement to British girls.
A young British player, ranked 661 in the world had won the right to play at Wimbledon and amazingly had won his first round match. Today, Chris Eaton was against a formidable opponent but played really well.
He is the new heart throb - always discounting the Spaniard of course. Nadal with his muscles, his fashion and flowing tresses.
In fact the way Wimbledon is going this year it is difficult to see much difference between lowly ranked players and the stars. Indeed stars are tumbling out each day.
The lovely, leggy Maria Sharapova was lost to the eyes of drooling men today.
Sorry - not all the world has its mind focused on sport.
The football continues - the tanned Spaniards (yes, more of them!) with the flowing locks are playing the balanced Russian team tonight.
There is cricket too - but Sussex are not doing very well. I guess there will be more international matches soon. Sadly for cricket there is little coverage on everyday TV channels at the moment - but the radio is good to keep you up to date.

I think my drowsiness has been caused by antihistamine tablets. They claim not to cause drowsiness of course, but for some years they have served an additional purpose in helping me get some sleep.
Today I took a tablet much too early, because last night I was late and found it hard to wake up and be alert this morning.
It seems that a quarter to 5 might be the right time for me.

Bill has had his high blood pressure tablets changed today. He saw the GP who was well aware that the ramipril can create the persistent irritating cough that Bill has had for some weeks. Now he has amlopidene.

My appointment this morning was with Rob the hair dresser. I coloured my hair before going to see him; daft really to colour hair which is about to be cut off and dumped on the floor. But if I had done it afterwards I would have mucked up what Rob had done. I am now just a bit darker again - but certainly not too dark.

This afternoon I described a few more things for EBay - to be listed tomorrow afternoon.
Bill has been working hard at jobs in and around the house.
Oh, I just can't stop yawning.
I will make a drink and make plans for an early night.
Oh and those exciting Spaniards are going to win the football tonight.